*New Product Alert* ‘Let there be light!’

Custom Lighting-2

We are constantly extending the range of pieces we offer and our latest addition is this beautiful light.

Lighting should be a key consideration in transforming the interior of any room and when chosen correctly, can form a great focal point. This chandelier light was specially commissioned for the opening of the Original Kerry Craft Centre in Castlegregory and we are now crafting them to each customers liking. The piece is subtle while still eye catching- perfect for an entrance hallway, dining room, sitting room or stairway!

Each light is priced at €60 and you can add as many as you wish to build a chandelier look. (Price includes fitting). A total of eight lights were used for the large Craft Centre display (Commercial use). For a residential property, three to five lights would offer a similar ‘attention grabbing’ impression.

Contact us today to discuss the creation of your own light!

Until next time! 🙂

2 thoughts on “*New Product Alert* ‘Let there be light!’

  1. Hi Terence,
    I am doing up a cottage and will have a high roof! Would love to get one of your lights like the one in castlegregory craft shops. Do you have any available at the moment? 5 would suffice I am thinking.


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