“On the 4th day of Christmas my true love sent to me…four calling birds”

Kerry Crafted Glass-5

The Twelve Days of Christmas; a well know christmas carol, listing all the grand gifts given on each of the twelve days. While it may not be possible to give the ‘turtle doves’ and ‘geese a-Laying’ mentioned in the song, you can certainly gift someone you love with a symbolic bird ornament (which I’m sure would be much more appreciated than a wild flapping goose!)


Our latest addition to the Christmas Collection is the glass bird decoration. You can add some personality to the tree, with these eye-catching ornaments. The glass shines, when met with the light and illuminates the vibrant festive colours. Another decoration option, could be to hang them (along with other baubles) from an existing chandelier. **Design Tip** Hang the decorations from the light fixture at different lengths for that extra sparkle!

Price: €12

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