Terence started working with glass in 1979 with Kerry Glass and subsequently branched out on his own in 1992 when Kerry Glass closed.

Each piece is shaped by hand and mouth blown. Every piece of glass is unique. Recycled glass is melted in the furnace at 1200 degrees centigrade. The glass is gathered from the furnace on a blowing iron and there is colour added, then you add more glass, you then go to your bench and begin the process of moulding and shaping the piece. On the base of all the blowing pieces you will find a rugged feel to the glass this is the sign of a handmade piece of glass called the pontil mark. Each piece of glass is placed in a oven to annealer; this takes the stress out of the glass. Every piece is then inspected for quality if up to standard are ready for sale.

Jugs mixed

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